RoadMap Technologies

Needs Assessment

During the process of Needs Assessment RoadMap takes a holistic approach to evaluate your current business processes including data, software, organization and skill levels in forecasting. From this assessment we identify the key gaps in data, software technology, organizational processes and skill development that need to be addressed in order for the company to maximize its performance in forecasting and strategic planning.

Process Optimization

Using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) RoadMap identifies the key drivers behind sub-optimal forecasts and develops a time-phased action plan to upgrade the forecast process to make it more transparent, accountable and above all accurate. “Quick Wins” are identified and implemented immediately. Intermediate improvements follow during the next 3-6 months of implementation. Long term improvements ensure that forecast accuracy continues to prove year over year.

Measuring What Matters

There’s no such thing as a “standard” dashboard or a “perfect” dashboard. The right dashboard for your company channels the issues that your company is facing right now. RoadMap Dashboards has the flexibility (being fully customizable) to address your initial needs and to change as your company grows and faces new competitive and strategic issues.